Cleaning a Down sleeping bag?

Ive just scored myself a nice fairydown gore dryloft, Superlite sleeping bag for $90. Its in great condition, but would like to clean and sanitise it. I was reading that you can dryclean down bags with no problems, is this true? In the past ive done it by hand using that special sports wash detergent, the bag would get clumps, but would come right once dry, but if its better to dryclean these, then i will do that as long as i know its safe. TIA
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Update on my tiny GoLite sleeping bag: I got the bottom seam at the foot converted into a drawstring by Twin Needle. Very robust and excellent job. I used it this w/e at 380m a.s.l. camping under the forest canopy along with my thin duvet jacket, fleece trousers over the long johns, a chenille tube around my lower back and a down hoody as a neck muff plus a 2 layer hat and my usual neck muff. I was barely warm enough though I started off with the feet sticking out! I could have added a thicker duvet jacket though.
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Nz hunter adventure on duke tv tonight in the greenstone valley. a little short in there shows you how to wash your bag. Didnt know you washed it twice in different products.
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Never dryclean a down bag! Send it to Twin Needles to have it done properly. I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself however here is the best way to do it: - front loader machine with non-detergent soap, they make specific soap for this in most outfitters - run the bag through the wash a second time with no soap to ensure it's rinsed 100% - dry in large dryer on LOW HEAT, throw in a couple tennis balls to help break up down and keep static down - take a day off from work cause you'll be there awhile
I winced when I read tennis balls. I've handwashed bags and didn't need to use that hack.
I've washed my bag about 4 times, when you're on a long distance trip and only have an afternoon to work with it works very well. I've always worried about tearing the baffles when hand washing in a tub - how would you know you didn't tear a baffle? Anyhow, it's pretty easy to do if you follow my instructions. I've also thrown in a sandal in lieu of a tennis ball, works fine.
Domex NZ facebook page has a clip on how to wash your down bag, They sell them so they would not put this up if it was wrong
Yeah I guess they wouldn't be mean enough to manipulate punters into ruining their bags so they have to buy a new one!
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