Cleaning a Down sleeping bag?

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Ive just scored myself a nice fairydown gore dryloft, Superlite sleeping bag for $90. Its in great condition, but would like to clean and sanitise it. I was reading that you can dryclean down bags with no problems, is this true? In the past ive done it by hand using that special sports wash detergent, the bag would get clumps, but would come right once dry, but if its better to dryclean these, then i will do that as long as i know its safe. TIA
i vaguely recall someone mentioned you have to specify no solvents if you do dry clean it, but dont quote me, its something that i recall from my distant past..... be careful because they can be wrecked by dry cleaners. unless you kow some experienced person who knows the ins and outs of cleaning down that can recommend a specific dry cleaner to take the bag to i woudlnt dry clean the bag. I'd expect most dry cleaners to just treat them exactly teh same ads everything else whith whwatever old chemical they noramlly use without giving a thought to the fragility of down.. you can dry them i a dryer on low heat, put a tennis ball in , it helps declump the down....
Check in with your local tramping store... I've taken my sleeping bag and down jacket into my local store ( I think it was Bivouac in Sylvia Park, Aucklnd) and they sent it down to a Christchurch macPac or Bivouac outfit to get refilled, but I know they also clean them. Sorry to be a bit confused about which company to go to, but hopefully one of them will point you in the right direction.
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Not sure how drycleaning would work without solvents. I don't think it would be possible. In Christchurch, I'd give my bag to Twin Needle to get drycleaned on my behalf as they use a dry cleaner as part of their reconditioning package they offer on bags. I've heard the tennis ball idea being slagged due to the fragility of the down. I regularly machine wash (gentle setting) my duvet jackets in down soap and then dry them in the machine with no problem of residual clumping. I think if you choose the dryer option, you need a big commercial dryer for a sleeping bag. We get good nor-westers here for drying sleeping bags! My winter bag's been dry-cleaned 3 times and it's still really warm.
Just go the way of our previous trip coordinator. 22 years hes had his current bag and its nearly due for its first wash
Twin Needle in Christchurch - thats the outfit that I was trying to think of. Yeap - they can refill down gear and clean it for you too. Prompt and reasonable service from memory.
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I just found this thread here and it seems people are doing it without any issues, any thoughts?
i wouldnt use normal washing powder on a down bag, anything with aromatics in it will leave residue behind and could affect the down, also affects breathability esp in membrane garments.... you neeed a pretty no frills washing soap...
Back in the 70's & early 80's I had a Fairydown Explorer sleeping bag that was drycleaned multiple times over a period of eight years. The bag didn't seem to suffer from the drycleaning. The outer fabric eventually perished around the shoulder area but I put that down to wear rather than the periodic drycleaning of the bag.
Dear god I still have one of those use it as a back up bag for people who feel the cold at night its still too hot for me to sleep in:)
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Started by BOP Tramper
On 26 November 2012
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