new book on nz huts

just got mine, looks like great read....
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So it's a coffee table book? Is there much text compared with photographs?
About 3:1 text to photos. They've done a lot of historical research, and many of the photographs are historic - both from original usage days, and also covering decades of tramping / deerculling use.
They have a facebook page (Shelter from the Storm) and put up some of the photos that never made it into the book. Worthwhile stuff.
Received my copy through the post first impressions looks a good read, only comment is that I wished they had included more NI huts ;-)
Yes, my impression was that it had a little too much emphasis on the south, up to the Tararuas. But mind you, that's where all the huts are. I have glanced through a copy and am busty writing a letter to Santa now.
most north island huts are more recent and more generic than the south island ones. they did mentions about the book launching being in hokitika because they received so much help down there which no doubt helped he south island emphasis.
Frank bought himself a copy today at MapWorld. He had to have it. It's a huge book.
I received my copy in the mail yesterday. I'm glad it was both discounted and free shipping. I've barely had a chance to look at it yet, but noticed that they've referred people to in the selective bibliography at the back.
i'm pretty pissed off with the book,,, its too bloody big to take tramping!!
get a bigger pack Might have to make a choice though on weight Book or food
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Started by waynowski
On 9 October 2012
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