new book on nz huts

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just got mine, looks like great read....
Ive been keeping an eye on this on Facebook. Very tempting. Any idea if this is going to get a general release, i.e. be available to buy in shops like Whitcoulls?
i understand so, i just preordered mine when ordering was available in advance.... its a big book, hence its price.
macpac have it online, maybe they have it in their shops?
I didn't realise it's not in shops yet. I'm in Aussie at the moment and many of the websites are only taking pre-sales without having it in stock, but I found it (also most cheaply) at It looks as if the NZ one's also selling it, but without any discount. Note that if you're an FMC affiliate, you can buy direct from the publisher with a 20% discount and free shipping, totalling $63.99 --- , although for me I didn't want to pay the ~$30.81 shipping to Australia in my case. Some other organisations (maybe the Alpine Club?) might also have similar affiliate deals going. Meanwhile, does anyone know how this compares with Mark Pickering's HUTS book from a couple of years ago? I haven't seen any mention but from the topic described it seems like the obvious comparison to me.
If you order online, make sure you get the right book. It looks like there are at least 6 other books currently in print titled 'Shelter from the Storm'.
the pickering book is different, it focuses on a dozen or so huts of different purposes and orgisins telling an in depth story of each type of hut and the history of the people who used them and the history of the selected hut, only a small pertion of the huts in pickerings book were tramping huts at least in origin, and a lot arent in traditional tramping locations... just skimming it, shelter from the storm covers a lot more huts but less in depth, it breaks the huts down into categories. it's a much bigger book than pickerings... it also covers huts in a range of uses..
Book launch for Shelter from the Storm details as supplied by the authors to the Permolat site are paraphrased below. Friday the 19th of October at 6.30pm at the Regent Theatre in Hokitika. Ted Brennan will be speaking for DOC, Andrew Buglass for Permolat plus two of the authors will speak. This will be as much of a book release event as a Permolat get together with DOC to talk about West Coast huts. All welcome. Drinks and nibbles provided and books will be on sale at a special price. Hope many of you can make it, great opportunity for a weekend on the West Coast. We've chosen Hokitika of course because the DOC staff on the West Coast gave us great support for this project, Mt Brown Hut is on the cover, and this part of he West Coast has the best hut and track network in the world.
Got mine today. BIG book!
all two and a half kilos of it!!! covers over eighty huts
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Started by waynowski
On 9 October 2012
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