repetitive questions on track info

a lot of overseas people keep asking a lot of the same questions about track info... on the traack and routes foru could a statement and link be placed to ask people to look at the tracks section of the site before grilling forum members with questions that can be answered in the tracks sections...
Duplicate post on separate thread. Look at "RE: people asking large no's of questions about..." for main discussion.
I thought this was just the nature of forum sites .
not if you design them better to advise and direct people to the information that is already there and make searching easier..
People complaining repetitively about repetitive questions being posted is definitely the nature of forum sites.
Can you link me to some specific examples of what you mean please?
One of the mechanisms that many forum heavy sites use to get around duplicate threads and inconsistent thread titles is to have moderators with the ability to merge threads before they get out of hand, our split them when the topic changes. I don't really know if it's worth anything like that here or not. It might require substantial adjustments.
this is typical asking about an area in general. especially on the more generic routes. the information has been posted before that will asnwer this question you get repeats of people asking about the queesntown area for instance. anything also to do with the great walks

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Started by waynowski
On 12 September 2012
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