Google Mapmaker launched in NZ!

(Disclaimer: I work for Google.) A month or so ago, I joined the forum and asked if anyone had GPX files they were willing to share with Google, so I could add tracks to Google maps. Well, I have good news and gooder news. Today we launched MapMaker ( for NZ - this allows you to edit Google maps and make corrections or additions. That's pretty cool and is the good news. The gooder news is that we may get some definitive track and hut data for the whole country in the near future. That's actually why I haven't been hassling those people who offered me their data. I don't have a timescale yet but hopefully it won't be long. So big thanks to those that offered data, and looking forward to more good maps for tramping! Doug in Zurich
very thoughtful of you doug to look after trampers in Nz. thanks very much
Cool tool! Ive just mucked around in it and tried to mark the Hauroko Burn hut on the Dusky track. My first constructive criticism would be that the type of buildings available to choose from (when marking a location) is limited. There was no option to mark the hut as a hut, there was no hiking/tramping catergories. I had to settle for an Apartment building. Looking forward to seeing the website evolve. This could be very useful!
Maybe bus shelter would of been a better choice

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Started by dougthemap
On 5 September 2012
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