Sex in a Tent

Brand new copies of the bestselling book "Sex in a Tent: A wild couples' guide to getting naughty in nature" are available on Trade Me from just $12 (or $15 Buy Now) plus postage. It's a great gift for your outdoorsy friends, or for someone you'd like to get interested in tramping with fringe benefits! If you don't want to go through Trade Me, you can also arrange to purchase copies by emailing [Email address removed].
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I wouldn't count this particular one as spam. It's in the Products & Services forum, and it refers to a book authored by someone living in NZ who's incidentally promoted it through several tramping clubs including visiting club meetings. It was also reviewed in the FMC bulletin some time ago. (John Rhodes called it "a guide to enjoying the outdoors with an extra dimension".)
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Perhaps not spam exactly.....and for that I apologise, however it does appear that there are a growing number of losely related topics poping up here, and whilst this may well be a genuine book (I've never heard of it...but that means nothing) I think the sole purpose of posting it here is simply to boost sales. If this were case then how long before the site becomes just another avenue to sell all sorts of junk just as long as it had a remote connection to something 'outdoors' doesn't take much imagination to see where this could end...! I agree with 1strider that there should be better monitoring of the site, but then this is old news......!
Well, boosting sales is what I'd have considered the Products and Services forum was created for (the description says "commercial posts are welcome in this forum"), and so I'm less concerned about things posted here if they're still of possible interest. As long as the user isn't flooding the forum indiscriminately, at least, as has happened in certain other cases but which (as far I can see) isn't yet evidenced here. What I *would* find useful is better tools to be able to avoid looking at the Products & Services forum if I don't find it interesting and if its posts are getting in the way of finding other content. Other than that I agree. It'd be nice if there were better control over account verification, maybe such that people have to sit around in a limited state for a short while until their posts are automatically approved. Flagging posts is okay for a while, but when someone just writes a program to brute-force post hundreds of ads, flagging will quickly get more boring and tedious than what it's worth. The post-flagging thing is also buggy --- eg. flagging a post will make it invisible when viewing the conversation page, but doesn't hide it from search results, the front forum page and several other places.
I agree about the purpose of the Services and Products forum but I'm a tad more circumspect about how close a topic has to be to the essence of this site for it to be considered worthwhile or of interest? I also agree that forums themselves haven't yet been flooded with spam.......but if they are, then isn't it a bit too late to be asking how and why it was allowed to happen.....? All other points I agree with wholeheartedly.
What are you guys even talking about? How can you possibly have a problem with this post? Why can't you just resist putting a downward pressure on your left mouse button whilst hovering over this particular link? This is a totally legitimate post 'commercial posts are WELCOME in this forum' - 1strider and Norm - this isn't your website! You don't get to choose the forum categories!!! LOL TRAMPERS ARE FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what if pasting is disabled from the text boxes where you can type your message, it would remove at least some of the spam, its the volume that makes it most irritating, i dont think people woud mind this post as much if we had less spam, it just seems like yet another person doing a quick flogging of their pfroduct and if tehy actualy take the time to type tehir ad people might not look as adverseley apon them as most spammers who just paste into the box on their way to their next site...
Hee Hee! Bet quite a few people are checking out this topic only to find disgruntled comments about spam and geeky solutions. I've had a look at this book. The one on how to Shit in the Woods was more interesting. Got a few funny stories on that topic, myself!I was surprised to read how some people find it so difficult to do a complete squat. Use it or lose it...
If you ask me to describe this book in one sentence, i would say " Enjoy your sex without neatness"
I've still got an old one called 'How to have sex in public without being noticed.'

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