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Hello, I have general question about camping and tramping. I am going to Fiordlands NP. If I would like to go away from marked tracks (e.g. connect to distanced tracks to make a loop) do I need any special permission? Is it permitted in New Zealand Parks to walk and camping in remote parts of parks where are no tracks? I did not find any clear regulations, I can see only New Zealand Environmental Care Code. Best regards Greg
Hi Greg, You do not need any permissions and there are no fees. The only restrictions are hut use (either hut tickets or Great Walks hut passes) and camping near the Great Walks -- i.e. you can't camp within 1km of the Milford Track. There are also rare closed areas which are marked on maps (Sinbad Mountains I think -- maybe this is the only one). However, you do need to ensure that you can be found should you not return. This means ensuring somebody has your route plan, writing in hut books, and preferably taking a PLB. Hope that helps.
See Section 4 2e of the National Parks Act http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1980/0066/latest/DLM36963.html?search=ts_act_national+parks+act&sr=1 New Zealand differs from many other countries in that free access is guaranteed by right to National Parks. There are provisions to close off some areas for ecological reasons and there are a few of those areas, and you are not supposed to camp within 500m of Great Walk Tracks but I am not sure if anyone has tested that in law yet.
In my experience on the Routeburn it's actually quite easy to walk it and camp more than 500m from the track -- the North Branch is ideal for camping, and Lake Mackenzie is OK but a bit scratchy.
Hi Matthew and Pmcke Thank you very much for information. best regards Greg
do we really need to be bombarded by people pushing their product like in the above paragraph?, i thought these forums were avaliable to discuss tramping, not mobile phone sales,or am i barking up the wrong tree?!!
Couldn't agree with you more Russy. Kabeer312: Wrong place, wrong subject matter!
Deleted. Pondering how to deal with this kind of thing -- maybe I need a "Flag as inappropriate" link?

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