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Lots of people have asked for it so I've just finished added some print support functionality to NZ Topo Map - You can select an area you would like to print and a high resolution version of the selected area is generated ready for sending to the printer. The print view tends not to look so good on-screen, but produces much higher quality print resolution when actually printed. The print functionality is still in its initial beta so is a little rough around the edges, but it should still help you print sections of the official LINZ topo maps to take tramping. Very handy for those of us without the nice digital toys to play with and need to stick to the old skool printed map version! I welcome any feedback and especially would like to hear of any problems encountered with the new functionality. For any problems please can you include details of your OS with version (Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac, Linux, etc.) and the web browser and version (Firefox 5, IE 8, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.). If you encounter any bizarre print results. The print outs would be very useful to me in trying to determine the problem. If you don't mind, please could you post them to me along with the details of printer make and model: Gavin Harriss 19 Maling Street Avonside Christchurch 8061 I hope you find the new print functionality useful. Cheers, Gavin BTW: NZ Topo Map is fully up to date with the latest LINZ Topo50 maps released 28th June 2011.
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Cheers again izogi. I've got some nice javascript that converts between co-ordinate systems for me. It's what's being used by the "Coords" tab when you do conversions, so I'll just re-use that. Though I could tidy the actual "grid" reference version up a little so will take a peek and see what LINZ provides as my version of working it out isn't the most elegant. Change of subject... Regarding defining the area to print - I aim to make this draggable as well as it gets a little tedious doing it corner by corner. Have a great weekend ;)
The map printing functionality on has been improved to make it easier to use. The functionality should be a lot more stable now across browsers and on PC's with limited memory.
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Started by gavinharriss
On 19 July 2011
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