car rental companies suggestions please

Hi, Has anyone had experience with the following car rental companies? New Zealand Car Rentals seems to have the lowest rates. Jucy/Ezy also has low rates. Ace has rates similar to Jucy. We're looking to book a car in ChCh and go tramping for a month. Thanks.
Not used any of the above so cannot vouch for them but when I go over to NZ I have used Despite the name, shoestring rentals were exceptionally good quality and very accommodating. Highly recommend all of the above.
Do a search on car rental relocations NZ. You can get a car for $5 a day.
Hi! I'm back to Italy after two (great) weeks in NZ. I got a car from About 30 NZD/day for a very basic nissan sunny, AC, automatic, no pover windows, no cd player. Best price I could find in CHC, clean and functional car, they take you from/to airport
That's pretty good. Im glad they looked after you.
I've only used Apex rentals, but found them to have quite good prices (the Picton ferry was included in our package - which made it a lot better value) and the car performed without any issues whatsoever. It was also a Nissan Sunny, which was great as that's what I usually drive.
OK, we're back home in British Columbia after a 5 wk tramping trip to NZ. We went with Apex. No problems, so far. They didn't want to check the car when we returned it and we didn't insist. The guy seemed to be busy with his computer. Anyway, while we were out on a multi day trip, the keas had chewed some of the rubber seal around the windscreen. We got some sealer and fixed most of the damage. Some kiwis we talked to about keas told us that car rental companies are used to kea damage. Hope we don't hear back from them with a bill for damage! We'd booked for the cheapest car but they upgraded us to a sedan, a Nissan Sunny automatic. It did the job. The boot was big enough to leave all our extra stuff while we were out on multi day tramps. We did some tramps at Arthurs Pass, Lewis Pass, Nelson Lakes, Mt Aspiring and a bunch of day trips here and there.
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If you're based out of Auckland they are great folks to deal with. Don't forget have fun and drive carefully......

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