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Hi, I've just released MapApp NZ North Island and MapApp NZ South Island, new iPad/iPhone apps which have all the LINZ Topo50 maps built-in for offline viewing. There are two separate apps because its a bit of squeeze getting all that data under the 2Gb maximum app size. If you go to places with no cellphone coverage then these are the mapping apps for you. Cheers, Dave.
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Hi Matthew, Yes, MapApp NZ does work on the iPod Touch. It needs iOS 3.2 or greater though, and of course theres's no GPS functionality on the iPod Touch. You can search for any of the 57000 place names that appear on the NZTopo50 maps. Cheers, Dave.
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I did consider using the NZ Geographic Placenames Database but it's no longer being maintained. I used a list of names derived from the NZTopo vector data. This ensures that every place name seen on the printed maps is included in the database. -Dave
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bought the app yesterday. (NI version) Have it on my iPad .. looks to be pretty good. Doesn't want to load on my old school series 1 iPhone with 3.1.3. I'm not sure I can upgrade? it's an old school jailbroken iPhone from 3 or 4 years back
Hi TerminalAddict, Glad you like the app. As you've discovered, the iPad is a really nice platform for looking at the maps in MapApp NZ. With regard to your original iPhone, MapApp NZ only works on iOS 3.2 or newer which is why it can't be loaded onto a device running 3.1.3. Cheers, Dave.
1 deleted post from seagull is now a listed map source on Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC), so you can select as large or small an area as you like and load the tiles on to your iOS device using the Galileo App ($2) to enable offline use of NZTopo250 and NZTopo50. This service will work with Android and Windows Mobile devices also, see and
Bit Map looks like another option for getting the LINZ topos on to your iPhone for offline use...
If you have Android, you can use Oruxmaps and Mobile Atlas Creator to download LINZ topo maps of both 20m and 100m lines. No cost, and quite easy to use. You can also use MAC to create openmap maps.
Use Motionx iPhone app. Cheap and very effective. It uses open maps. Import gpx files using zenbu and other tools.
Hi everyone. RE; Memorymap I recently had my iphone replaced under warranty, I thought backing it up first was actually that- backing it up. No it wasnt. I now no longer have NZtopo50 maps on my phone which I paid almost a hundy for. When I email the memory map folks they just dont reply. BE WARNED....
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On 12 January 2011
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