Is it time to pull the plug?

Hi All, Despite the devotion, time, and care that @Matthew has given to, is it time to pull the plug? As sad as it is to write, the site has been terminally infected with spam. Frankly, it would be a full time job to remove all the bogus accounts and postings. Just looking at the Forums page, every single topic and posting is spam. If there are original threads showing, the most recent post is spam. Indeed, even the Photographs page has been infected with Mumbai escorts! As Matthew has stated, he started this website in the late '90s and has maintained it voluntarily since. He has been stalwart in providing this platform for the NZ tramping community. Folks internationally have used this site to get info on tramping in our homeland. But perhaps its usefulness has passed. Is it time to simply fold the tent on this one?
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Ive avoided advertising a different site here for so long esspecially one associated with facebook but today this seems the best option although it doesnt hold anything like the hut and route info.
One of the best things about this site is that it allows me to still deny the lure of Facebook.
The site has become almost useless in terms of adding and accessing new content. Most of the really on to it and useful people have disappeared presumably due to frustration with spam. Still, I really hope it doesn't disappear. Old and extremely useful content still shows up if you use google. I just searched for Gillespies Pass winter and got some very useful (2019) information from the likes of Madpom, Yarmoss, Honora, along with suggestions of more sensible places to go in the dead of winter. I doubt that information from such authoritative sources is available or preserved elsewhere. Some thought should be given to at least preserving the existing information even if it becomes fossilized. A huge thank you to Matthew for creating a repository for all this content, it's sad to watch it dying but hopefully something can be preserved.
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