Nelson Tops as alternate to Harper Pass

Instead of Lewis to Arthurs via Hope River, Lake Sumner, Harpers Pass, Taramakau River etc, I wish to do same but from Pussy Stream/Hope confluence (or St Jacobs Hut), ascend Nelson Tops, via Tops (incl. Mts Tuke, Stapp, Drake, Wilson, Dixon). Then down East to cross Taramakau b4 Otehake confluence, maybe down scree/spur between Taverners and Joseph streams/creeks. Anyone been up there? Surely. pmck - you research that? Thanks cdb
Surprised there are no replies to this. So... suffice to say I start this little sojourn in early March 2011. Culminating in a school 130th jubilee in Woodbury on March 12th. Pat Barret hasn't done this route as yet so I'll have a .gpx file if anyone deins interest on completion. Water of course will be the usual prob.
Hi Debazin, I understand its been a while, but would love to see the route you took along the nelson tops starting at Mt Stapp off of Harper Pass. Is it possible you could please send me the file? Looking to follow your suggested path on a trip next summer
Hi, A few years ago I went up behind the Top Hope Hut, along the Nelson Tops, along the Tutaekuri Tops, crossed the head of Mackenzie Stream into the unnamed stream via the saddle North of 1607 then into Waterfall Stream via the saddle east of the second 1607, around to the small lake North of Mt. Stapp, up and over the saddle just North of Mt Stapp then along the tops on the true right of Blue Stream around to Mt Drake (very easy to drop down to Harper Pass from here), around to near Mt Dixon and down to Top Trent Hut and out over Trent Saddle and down the Haupiri. Beautiful tops with nothing difficult, just a little scrambling near Mt. Stapp. Had great weather all the way. No gpx track but plenty of photos.

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Started by debazin
On 7 December 2010
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