View Hill Car Park Inaccessible (Wharfedale Track)

As of 28 July, a slip across the road (between the first and second gates) was blocking access to the View Hill car park. It would be great if someone could provide an update when the slip has been cleared.
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Went up there today. Slip has been cleared and it looks like all the debis dumped at the first gate. In 6 months it will look like it was always there. Lot of snow on the track further up and it is going to take a few days to clear. Even so any vehicle tyhat can clear the ford should be able to make the trip. Ford was about 500 deep give or take
Thanks for the update Geeves. I've been up there many times but 28 July was the first time the ford caused my heart to skip a beat.
I went up there a few weeks ago in the 4wd but still in 2wd and it started to bog in that ford. Interesting but no drama. Went to the top came back and wondered what the ford further down the road was like. Half way across I had to get out in shin deep water to lock the hubs in.

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Started by Bozeman
On 30 July 2022
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