Hi everyone, I was out in the weather over the weekend and decided I need new overtrou - my current ones are 30+ years old. I have been thinking about the 'Hunters Element' obsidian trous. Is there someone here who has a pair? and do you like them? They are a bit heavier than my current ones but look a whole lot better. Any commnents? Cheers
Another option that is half the weight (185 g vs 375 g) in Gortex Paclite is these [Berghaus Paclite overtrou.](https://www.tradeinn.com/trekkinn/en/berghaus-paclite-goretex-pants/124965/p) Waterproof/breathability rating as least as high as the Hunters Element ones, but wouldn't stand the same amount of bushbashing or crawling on hands and knees along the Tararua tops. Three quarter zip rather than full zip, a little higher price, might or might not take a little longer to arrive.
Many thanks for that Ian, I will have a close look. Cheers :-)
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I mostly wear those incredibly cheap "Moa" brand overtrousers. They have no side zips but I buy the large size even though I'm a size 12 women. This way I can pull them over my boots easily. Then I can wear them in the scrub without trashing them. A pair will last a very long time. I've reinforced the inner seams with duct tape - applied with the corners rounded off so it stays on. I put a toggle on the drawcord so the waist is easily adjustable. Being baggy, they are less inclined to catch at the knees when going up steep terrain. I've got good brands of overtrousers (ESS) with partial and full lenght side zips etc. but would only wear them where there's no scrub or on climbing trips where I'd be wearing crampons and need the full side zips.
Agree there is a place for cheap and heavy duty overtrou, especially if you are in the habit of grovelling around in Tararua scrub or crawling along the tops in 150km/hr + winds. A reasonably priced option if you want lightish overtrou with full zips is the [Marmot Precip full zip](https://www.tradeinn.com/trekkinn/en/marmot-precip-eco-full-zip-pants/136969697/p?utm_source=google_products&utm_medium=merchant&id_producte=7649243&country=nz&gclid=CjwKCAjwwdWVBhA4EiwAjcYJEIoUot8V12kMbcDmjPqQgkHtPrxKp9RNFan4uio8V2KCOid0PS_-DRoCf54QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds) version. My impression is the precip fabric/coating isn't as waterproof or durable as the Goretex, but maybe it's improved since I had a Precip jacket some years ago. I haven't seen any full zip overtrou in Goretex Paclite, I'd be curious if such exist, and or any comments/experience on the performance of Goretex Paclite. Edited to add, [North Face did have a full zip version in Paclite](https://www.torpedo7.co.nz/products/TFPAPN9AQ56__S/title/men-s-dryzzle-full-zip-pants?gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAjwwdWVBhA4EiwAjcYJEIKK0nFqSFfds6lWGkSPyptBdU6k-wSJ2otQTKaBloPM5Sk07Inc2BoC8BYQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds), still available at Torpedo7 if you are very large or very small, [new versions use FUTURELIGHTâ„¢ 3L](https://www.bivouac.co.nz/catalog/product/view/id/90979/s/the-north-face-mens-dryzzle-pants/#additional) whatever that is.
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My XXL Moa overtrousers weigh 288g and that's with the extensive duct tape repairs on the lower inside seams. I guess that makes them heavy duty in some parts.

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