Paparoa Track and Pike29 Memorial Track

Hi. Does anyone know how the Pike29 Memorial Track is meant to fit in with the Paparoa Track? On the DOC website it says it will be open by the end of the year. Bookings for next season open this May but from what I can gather the Pike29 Track will come off the Paparoa Track and go down to an interpretation centre. It sounds like you then retrace your steps and rejoin the Paparoa Track. Does this mean you should stay an extra night on the tramp? Or can you visit it separately from the road end another time?
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I think the intention is that you will be able to drive to the Interpretation Center down at river level in the Pike and start/finish part of the Paparoa track from there or day trip to the tops and back. From the Paparoa track - Pike track junction you could drop your pack, duck down to the Interpretation Center, have a look around and be be back up to your pack in about half a day if wanting to do both tracks as part of the one trip. A fair bit of the Pike track was finished when I was up there last. I was eye balling things from across the valley above the mine and had been on the top bit of the Pike track prior to that.

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Started by Weta1000
On 17 April 2022
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