Kahurangi - Lookout Range

Hiya, Trying to find out if and where there is a decent track.... Have just walked in and out the south-eastern approach from Glenhope-Tadmor road (Kaka settlement) to Granity Pass Hut / Mt Owen bassin. Just 1k east of Granity Pass hut, there is a wee steep section with some cairns present. When coming from the hut, these lead gently down away from the rockwall, but we lost the cairns going south before getting to the saddle at the 1200m contour (where there are some permolat markers leading east-west between the steep rockwall and pt.1406). Below the rockwall, there are some deep guts that require careful planning and traversing (however still tramping territory). All together 1h travel for 400m progress. We came accross two other trampers who also had trouble finding their way on this section, and mentioned some old pink tape markers before they lost track and started bushbashing. Maybe the bushbashing is just necessary, or is there a reasonable track hiding somewhere...? On a positive note: there is a nice we stream 200m SE of pt.1556 which can be valuable if you wish to camp on the tops - great views!
pink tape is most often a trap line
Thanks, however no sign of any trapping there. Would be useful as we had a noisy possum next to the tent :-)
Coming from granity, hit the 1st creek/slipped out gut where last beech ends and track markers disappear. Just drop down to where all the creek guts meet and climb back out to the saddle with the knob between granity & lookout. 10-15 mins. harder to describe in reverse.
That’s helpful, thank you!

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Started by HansNZ
On 30 March 2022
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