Foot issues

Having recently suffered from "foot maceration" after a long day of tramping with wet feet, here's an interesting link that will answer all the questions you might have to prevent this (although not always possible). There are three parts to the article which include prevention and treatment. Anyone else suffered from this? What are people's thoughts on general foot management?
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Have a 5th one for you: Sore (touch painful) red areas on pressure points, typically tops of toes, sides of feet, top of foot below ankle where tongue of boot applies pressure. Not a precursor to blisters - does not blister even if ensured for days. Very sore - and no treatment seems to cure it other than a couple of rest days as soon as it's spotted. Washing socks (even if it means wearing them wet) seems to help - so maybe bacterial or fungal? Skin or capillary vessel damage? Who knows - ID very much appreciated! Seem to get this 2 or 3 times a year, so maybe 1 day in 50 on the hills, but ruins the day's work or trip (and the subsequent week) Pics:
[Cellulitis](,face%2C%20arms%20and%20other%20areas.)? >Cellulitis is a common, potentially serious bacterial skin infection. The affected skin appears swollen and red and is typically painful and warm to the touch. Skin damage allowing bacteria to get into inner layers of the skin. Treatment is with antibiotics if that's what it is. Might be worth running your picture(s), symptoms by a doctor if you're ever near one.
@ian_h I did ask the GP about it some time ago, probably 15 year back now, when I had a run of it and wondered if there was anything I could do to avoid/treat it more rapidly as it was costing me days off work. Just gave me some soothing cream which worked about as well as the bepanthen (nappy rash cream) that I was already using. Suppose I could go back to the GP just to satisfy my curiosity as to a name for it .. Seems pretty common. Can think of 4 or 5 work mates who have suffered with it now and then over the years, and my father - who isn't even a bush worker.
If it is bacterial, a course of oral antibiotics should knock it back pretty quickly. Maybe you can persuade a doctor to give you a scrip for some oral antibiotics to take out in the bush if they agree that what you're getting is bacterial?
I wonder if there's a podiatrist in our midst that can make a diagnosis? Doesn't sound like tinea in which case you could try a burst of antifungals. Seems like it's more of a pressure spot thing? Ian H - here's another link that pads out your comments about the various foot ailments: I've never read any information about foot care for trampers. A bit strange given that we're pretty dependent on our hooves being in good condition. Maybe that's because we're just hardcore and doggedly keep on going without complaining.
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