Lennox Creek and Lennox Pass

Hi again trampers, Does anyone have any recent experience of crossing Lennox Creek and Lennox Pass, more specifically the Kea Basin track to Lennox Creek and the crossing. I've read Moir's description and Southern Alps Photography's notes and pics but am aware from a group that has tried to go through that section recently found it very hard going through the scrub from Kea Basin track and then locating the crossing point below the chasm (they turned back). Does anyone know whether it's possible to sidle around from Kea Basin around the 1000m contour and above the Lennox Creek chasm and head across to Lennox Pass from there or do you need to head back down the Kea Basin Track and go below the chasm as described by Moirs and Danilo? Thanks for your advice.
There's a dscription of a higher route here. http://routeguides.co.nz/trips/876
Thanks Madpom. That's exactly the information I was after. We might go for the higher route weather and avalanche risk dependent.
You can also follow a natural rock path on the ridge ( great for pics ) heading north from the pass and sidle down through the benches to the valley floor, no need to go down Lennox pass itself. David.
Thanks. Southern Alps Photography has great pics of the "highway" you are talking about.
Thanks Madpom. Your Lennox route worked a treat although there was heaps of treefall heading through the beech forest from Kea Basin, and the "Earnslaw Highway" was a happier option than heading straight down the drop from the Pass. I see you left your mark up Snowy Creek where we also ventured.

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Started by Wanderwild
On 3 January 2022
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