Paratu Stream up to Pfeifer Biv and getting lost:)

Just wondering if anyone has had issues getting up Paratu Stream recently. On a planned overnighter up to Pfeifer Biv this weekend we managed to lose the main stream and ended up somewhere in thick bush on the steeper slopes to the SE. Suspect we may have followed one of the streams on the true left but there were no obvious branch points. So sadly turned around and spent Saturday night back in ChCh rather than on the tops. Any pointers/advice for our second attempt would be greatly appreciated :).
That's interesting, I was going to try it this summer too. I rely a lot on my phone gps/topo map to stay in the right stream. Did you leave a car by the bridge or somewhere else?
Hi Chriss. Yes the car was left by the bridge. Plenty of other vehicles there as there were lots of Coasters heading up the Deception. We did have phone gps and topomap with us, but sadly didn't use the former until we were lost (:/) and it showed us well off course. Good luck with your trip and be keen to hear how you go - certainly we have a return trip on the to do list.
Had no issues following the stream to the saddle. Kept to the true right all the way up. Further up this means following a side stream to true right of the main flow. It's marked by an orange triangle. I followed this tramping club gpx route:
Look for the large orange triangle at 560m. The main stream turns off to your (climber's) right. The correct route continues as a bush-covered small stream. This turn-off is better marked now than it's ever been.

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Started by armadillo
On 20 December 2021
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