Twenty Five Mile Creek

Hi trampers, Just wondering if anyone has been up Twenty Five Mile Creek recently. I'm looking to head into this area soon with a tramping club group and we have been advised by the station owner that it may now be scrubby and difficult to navigate. She has suggested going up Twenty Five Mile Spur and along to the Twenty Five Mile Saddle that way. Any advice please. Thanks
My last visit to Twenty Five Mile Creek was in 2014. We went via the creek to eventually climb up to the saddle adjacent to the 98m waterfall, and over to Shelter Rock hut and back out down the Rees. I doubt you will have too much difficulty with scrub to the point where you leave the creek after passing Big Devil Ck. The ascent from there to a contour that allows you to get around to the old hut site before the gorge. That might be problematic but i think we followed cairns or tape . I wouldn't be discouraged. Personally i think the biggest difficulty on our entire route was just after the old hut site. We got a fair way above the creek before descending a spur back to the creek after the gorge. There was plenty of evidence of previous travel. Including an old wood and metal piece of framework on a rock. Extremely dodgy but it got us around an otherwise impassable obstacle. There was a good campsite by a sloping rock in a clearing after that. Here are some photos on flickr.
Cool pictures. Looks like an awesome spot to visit.
Thanks Dodgydave. I'm hoping my next foray to 25 Mile Ck will be from Shelter Rock hut to the saddle, down to the creek and up to the headwaters of 25 Mile Ck to get photos of Lochnagar. I would then hope to descend 25 Mile Spur. I believe i recall Madpom suggesting he had descended the spur a while ago.
Thanks trampers This link is helpful:

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Started by Wanderwild
On 19 December 2021
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