Okuru Valley

Hi I‘m planning to tramp up the Okuru Valley next autumn. Is it best to drive up the Turnbull road as far as possible? Where is best to park the car? How long does it take to walk up to the conflunce with Franklin Creek? Many thanks for any advise Philipp
Moirs says take the road on the true right of the Turnbull just before the bridge. There's a locked gate at some point, presumably leave car there then walk through the bulldozed track to the Boil Hole and up. 3.5 hours from gate to Spasm Hut, 3 more to Franklin Hut. Permission from Noel Gray 03 750 0765.
Hi Ian Many thanks for your feedback. Is there something like a track along the river or just bush?
I haven't been up there, I'm just reading Moirs Guidebook (North) and looking at the topomap. The topomap shows a track up the valley through the bush sections and two huts in the valley. https://www.topomap.co.nz/NZTopoMap?v=2&ll=-43.97614,169.046288&z=13 Moirs says both huts belong to Noel Gray who lives on the Turnbull Road, and at least the lower hut is locked. It would be worth looking through Moirs North yourself and calling Noel Gray 03 750 0765 to see what the state of the tracks is. Presumably you need his permission to get into the valley, especially if you want to leave a vehicle up the Turnbull Road.

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Started by Philipp
On 1 November 2021
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