Makaretu hut

Heya folks, Does anyone know if you can access makaretu hut from manawatu River road end out the back of norsewood? On the topo website it looks like there are tracks that go in via happy daze hut but I'm not to familiar with the road end. Any info appreciated thanks folks!
from From the park boundary, follow the track to the Makaretu River forks (2 hours) and follow the south fork for one hour to reach the hut.
It is easily reached via the Makaretu river north branch from Kashmir car park/Moorcocks saddle or by the main range track. You can also drop into the headwaters of the Makaretu river from the Apiti track.I believe there is an old track here or you can make your own route. I believe that the area around Happy Daze hut is private land so you would need permission to access the the park boundary if you wanted to walk up the Makaretu river
That's great thanks guys, I went up river years ago to happy daze with permission from the land owner but that would be a good 10 years ago. I've always wanted to go to makaretu hit so I will try to get in there in December when I'm next down. Thanks for the help Jono
In 2018 I did a nice loop from Kashmir Rd up to Longview, along the ridge before dropping down to Makaretu Hut. The walk down Makaretu River the next day was very pleasant, and there was a track to Happy Daze from the junction of the two branches of the Makaretu (not marked on the topo map). Took about 15 minutes from the junction to get to the hut.
How did you find the track along the tops from Longview to the turn off?
Six months ago I walked this track. It's undulating but easy as. Track down to Makaretu Hut is good. At the bottom head straight to the river and cross. The hut is up on the terrace - a great spot.
That's great thanks, I've always wanted to do the loop but never gotten around to doing it. Will definitely try to do it when I'm down at Xmas time

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Started by Jono51
On 20 September 2021
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