Hopefully not another one in the Tararua

Stuck in the Atiwhakatu headwaters north of Jumbo (down the spur ESE of McGregor if the big read circle in the Stuff article is accurate) after attempting to get around Baldy and McGregor without overnight equipment. https://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/300405603/tramper-still-trapped-after-weather-hampers-two-search-and-rescue-efforts I hope this turns out okay and I know it's totally feasible for a person with the right fitness to get around that loop in a day. Even if he assumed he'd be back before forecast heavy rain on Monday morning, though, weren't some really strong winds forecast long before he'd have set out?
says he's heading for "Mcgregor HUt" which is actually a very basic biv near the bushline, you can only sit up in, no fireplace... no insulation..
It reads like he's on hunkered in the leatherwood on the wrong side of the ridge to reach McGregor Biv, at least from Wairarapa SAR reported on its FB page 6 hours ago. https://www.facebook.com/WairarapaSearchandRescue/posts/980667372641038?comment_id=980840969290345&reply_comment_id=980869975954111 Meanwhile as of just under an hour ago, SAR volunteers are still stuck at Jumbo waiting for winds to drop. If everything in the report is accurate, this doesn't look good to me. Hopefully he comes out of it okay.
theres a comment by sar recently hes trying to get to the biv
It's nice to see a positive outcome. https://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/300406274/rescued-tramper-credits-dog-for-helping-him-through-twonight-ordeal-in-tararua-ranges
Interesting place he spent the first night out, on the spur down from McGregor peak to the Atiwhakatu (if the position on Stuff aerial photo is correct). There used to be a route which I followed down that spur to the forks then 20 minutes straight up to Angle Knob Hut, where the weather station is today. (The Atiwhakatu is quite rough between those forks and the tracked part of the valley downstream.) There was a snowy photo on NZ Deer Cullers website mentioning the cullers end of season exit route from the first (1950s) Dorset Ridge Hut: down Dorset creek a bit, up the spur to Cairn (ground trail still used today to and from the current Dorset Ridge Hut) south a bit towards Broken Axe Pinnacles then descending sidle onto the spur east-southeast of McGregor peak, down to Atiwhakatu head forks and up to Angle Knob Hut.

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Started by izogi
On 13 September 2021
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