Garmin Instinct Solar - for Great Walks

Just wondering if there is anyone here who is currently using the Garmin Instinct Solar (or non-solar) for multi-day hikes? I'm really interested to learn a couple of things in terms of how you use it - Specifically: - Do you download a course to follow (if available) - GPS for a 4 day hike - I assume I'll just have GPS on whilst walking each day - so around 6/7 hours per day x 4 days - then smartwatch mode after - iphone in airplane mode and then just sync at the end of each day? - Best settings in general for a multi-day hike I'd be happy to chat over the phone if it's easier. Thanks in advance. Terry
you dont have to synch every day. theres a power saver mode when you're not walking, doubles the normal time on battery. you can also turn it off, it keeps the time when turned off. have you got the manual? i dont put courses on the phone, you can download the garmin earthmate app onto a phone and do your navigation on that. navigation isnt usually much of an issue on great walks...
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its possible to get through all but the longest great walks on one charge depending on your speed, around 24 hours tracking time on it. the watch doesnt take much charging. if you have a power pack then problem sorted. theres an expedition tracking mode, that only updates the position every hour though, depends how fussy you are, it will give inaccurate information on how far you've walked and how much energy you've used since it will draw a straight line between hourly coordinates... you do a big u turn on the routeburn around a mountain range if it updates at the wrong time then it will cut kilometres off your real path... so it really for when you want to save power as a priority. you can turn the heart rate monitor off to save more power, not sure how much that extends the battery life. power saving settings watch the ultra trac setting, its not as accurate, it uses the gps less and uses accelerometer to work out how fast you're moving. you can save power changing the timeout for smart notifications, i just turn off smart notifications. its set to turn the backlight on every time you hit a button, you can change the time out length and set it for only after sunset which isnt the default. you'd think that would be the sensible default... lights are a big drain on batteries it adds up if you're pressing buttons a far bit... more instructional videos
Thanks for the advice folks. I’ll try using the gps trek mode for each days walking, and then go to a lower power state after each day. Hopefully should last the tramp I take the point - no real point in downloading a route for a great walk. Cheers

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Started by Teljam
On 21 July 2021
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