Taranaki Circuit in winter - solo..?

Just wondering how feasible this is switching as necessary between high and low level routes to accommodate the weather. I'd be carrying a tent, axe & crampons but obviously need to avoid avalanche routes as there'd be no one to dig me out! Cheers. Graffias
how do you mean feasible switching? consult https://www.avalanche.net.nz/ to look at avalanche ratings watch out for a lot of hard ice, its notorious for it. get in touch with the taranaki alpine club for conditions https://taranakialpineclub.co.nz/
Hi Graffias. I have walked a circuit midwinter. But under very low snowloading conditions. Even the 'high' route was below the snowline. Few steep icy bits dealt with but nothing worse. So your mileage may vary. From memory, the potential exposed bits were: - The high route bypassing Lake Dive - which could be avoided by going via Lake Dive. - Pembrooke Road to Tahurangi Lodge. Even the next bush/scrub section 3km counterclockwise from there looks exposed on the map. I had the low route pencilled in for that bit Via Matakawa Hut and Kokowai track. But didn't need it.
Useful input, thank you. Waynowski, in answer to your question I just thought I could stick to the high route if conditions permitted and then drop down to the lower route if required to play safe. I'm sure that's what most people plan. To anyone's knowledge, does the low route get any heavy snowfall and are any sections of it still prone to avalanche danger? Of course, I will be consulting DOC nearer the time if I decide to go. The alternative, of course, is to just do sections if a total circuit seems out of the question.

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Started by graffias
On 18 June 2021
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