Tough socks?

This is absurd, but it seems every pair of socks I've purchased in the last year are cr*p, no matter how much or how little I spend on them. They've all developed holes within a few uses. They fare worse on the farm when wearing gumboots or other footwear liable to get dirt in em. So, this feels like a stupid question - but has anyone got any memory for socks they've bought that have lasted a good length of time? I'm lucky in that I don't blister, so not too worried about any of those "features" Would prefer wool or other natural materials, but main criteria is toughness (which usually negates wool). Any tips?
Haven't managed to punch any holes in "Thorlos - Mountaineering" socks yet. They just get a bit stiff with use.
Great thanks for the tip. I'd hope they don't form holes at $55 a pair! Will have a look into em
They might not be much better than the ones you tried but $15 for a 5 pair pack of work socks means you get 5 attempts at a good life. The bonus is if you get a hole in 2 socks you still have 4 pair
Have you had any that seemed alright? The last work socks I got from farmers barely lasted more than one use!
I rotate about 6 pairs from Farmlands the green and white ones, lasted 4 years so far and still going strong, wool blend
"The last work socks I got from farmers barely lasted more than one use!" Thats the problem. I bought a $70 pair of trousers from Farmers and the pockets disintegrated in 6 weeks. Spent half that at the Warehouse and 6 months and still look and function like new
SOrry this isn't helpful to you - but I have an amazing pair of socks which are my go-to for tramping, my Mum bought them for my sister in 1997 for a school trip and they are still great! I don't wear them for months each year though, at most a couple of weeks and much less than that since kids!
Genarally get 2-3 years of daily hill use from Farmlands standard wool socks. $20something a pair, I think. Farmlands were 'waiting for stock' last I looked a month back so currently on PGG's equivalent. Too soon to say there but seem ok.
Will check in on farmlands and the like. Cheers all

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Started by dreambroom
On 5 June 2021
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