Mystery building on Maymorn

For those who are familiar with the Tararuas… Does anyone know what this building might be on the top of Maymorn 851? Thanks Aerial Topomap,175.18919&z=15&pin=1
There is a cell tower up there somewhere but that doesnt look right
It's a picnic table
@nzbazza, have you seen it in person. The shadow seems quite long for a table... and why is there one up there - quite a remote spot with no mapped track although there appears to be evidence of a track next to the table. Do you have any photos. Thanks
Not yet, I first heard about the picnic table from this guy: and The Maymorn ridge apparently has some form of informal/animal track along a good portion now. It would be interesting to know who put the picnic table there.
@nzbazza - thanks very much for the links. Interesting account of the terrain and photos of said picnic table. The block is labeled on WAMS as Reserve Land, "acquired for water supply, recreation and forestry purposes". Permission to access would be required do you think?
It's Greater Wellington Regional Council land set aside for the water catchment. I haven't checked the rules lately for that area, but previously their line for the land around Quoin Ridge, Eastern Hutt River, and thereabouts, has been that you're allowed into the zone but you're not allowed to stay overnight. This is consistent with Eastern Hutt Hut being for emergency use only.
@izogi - where would I find the rules about current access in said catchment? Thanks
I can't immediately find a clear statement on the regular website, but a hunting pamphlet pdf from the gwrc, which Google finds, says no camping. I reckon just call the Greater Wellington Regional Council if you want clarity.

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Started by JETNZ
On 18 May 2021
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