What time to arrive at Powell Hut for a good spot?

Coming weekend I'll be doing the Jumbo Circuit counter clockwise with my 8yo daughter. We'll be sleeping in Powell Hut, which should take about 8 hours (via Jumbo Hut). Planning to be on the track by 8am, so should be there around 4pm. This is the first time we'll be sleeping in a hut like this, so far we've only stayed at sole occupancy huts in Orongorongo or with the tramping club. As I want to sleep next to my daughter, and many people will do the track clockwise and will be there earlier, just wondering if this is an issue? Or is it acceptable that I ask people to move?
You can/need to book bunks in the hut as far as I can see, so you will be guaranteed bunks even if you arrive later. I'd think people would be happy to move bunks if you turn up late and there are no adjacent bunks left for you and your daughter. You absolutely need to make sure you and your daughter have the fitness, warm gear and experience to do this trip at this time of the year, and to know your limitations and be prepared to turn back before you reach the alpine section of the trip. It's easily possible to be in driving wet snow conditions, poor visibility, zero degrees or less and too windy for bipedal locomotion up there at this time of year (or any time for that matter), but likelihood of seriously adverse conditions and less daylight hours make it a more serious undertaking from now on.
Hi @Ian_H thank you for your considerations. I've booked two beds, so that's all good. The forecast for coming weekend is very good, but I'll definitely return if visibility is poor. We have the required fitness, we've done longer walks together. I'll also bring a PLB, and have the NZ Topo map installed and downloaded on my phone. Thanks heaps for the tips.
Just about anyone would move to allow a child to be in a family group. Its unlikely to be an issue.
We arrived by 5pm and there were 3 beds left. It was a great stay! :) Thanks for the replies.
Awesome. Glad it went well for you and your daughter.

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Started by boland
On 29 April 2021
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