MBikers on the Heaphy?

Hello All, Has anyone been put off walking the Heaphy during the MBiking season? Any positive or negative experiences with MBikers? I don't facing to have my calf shattered by a bike but perhaps the risks are low? Thanks, Alan
Went through midweek in july 2018 and saw noone the whole way. Weekends & shoulder season may be busier. And border lockdown may have upped the numbers a bit - seems to have on the OCRT at least. Can't comment on rider behaviour, as such.
havent heard of any bad interactions, worst I've heard is the bikers tend to stay up later than the trampers...
Walked the Heaphy from East to West in May 2019 and met lots of mountain bikers and a few other trampers. Everyone was generally courteous and it wasn't an issue. One pair of bikers were so keen to bike onward and upward that they hadn't brought much food, so everyone in the huts donated spare sustenance and a good time was had by all. We even played card games together.....
Thanks very much everyone for your comments - much appreciated!
Did Heaphy both ways back in September, and saw almost as many mountain bikers as walkers, and certainly no bad experiences.

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Started by Hogsnort
On 19 April 2021
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