Peak bagging

In my secret life as a radio ham, I've recently go into SOTA - Summits on the Air. This scheme lists all peaks* worldwide and allocates a number of points for each, based on difficulty (altitude). _*To count peaks must have 150m of prominence - i.e. be 150m above any saddle linking them to another peak._ You can take a look at the map of NZ peaks and point scores here: (or see the official site at Now - the question. Would other trampers/climbers appreciate such a points-based peak-bagging scheme (for non-hams). I.e. just summit to bag the peak. == There is stuff out there already: I see we have with about 87 peaks listed and no categorization. Not really enough peaks or motivation to get me out there doing it ... and no reward vs effort. I see listing peaks with all peaks of 600m of prominence for NZ. Great for alpinists - but what about normal folk who just want a Saturday stroll up a 1-pointer? == I'd love to see a scheme similar to SOTA for trampers in NZ with peaks for all abilities and scoring to suit. Anyone else interested? I'll take silence as 'no'!
I noticed the CUTC recently had a 48hr hut bagging competition and wondered if they similarly weighted points by difficulty/remoteness
There is an international peak bagger site called Peakery. It has a NZ section but not a lot of active users for the NZ peaks. Here is a link.
Fellow SOTA activator here. The points system is quite cool and gives another kick of motivation to get out there. I'd be keen for a pure peak based system as sometimes it's painful trying to get 4 QSO to qualify for SOTA. Imagine something similar to hut bagger?
Interesting. The points based system is a good idea. My beef with the SOTA rules is that unless you live near a major range, you quickly exhaust the short drive day trip options, and have to get expeditionary. I have a personal peak bagging scheme where anything marked on a map counts and still have a few local peaks yet to be climbed. Count me as interested though.

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Started by madpom
On 2 April 2021
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