Great camping spots on Lake Manapouri? And Te Anau

I've got a week of kayaking on Lake Manapouri and maybe Te Anau, and I'm looking for tips on great camping spots by the water. Just me and my hennessy hammock, so I'm not even limited by the need to have dry level ground. Does anyone know of some good spots? I'm also going to camp at the entrance to Milford Sound, at Anita Bay.
have you been in that area? are you prepared for swarms of sandflies? depends how far you can kayak its variable , theres areas of long steep hillsides next to the water and numerous other areas of flat ground look at a map and look at how far it is to get to the flat areas versus how far you want to kayak... how competent a kayaker are you? people fall out of kayaks in the middle of the lakes when its windy and choppy down there and die of hypothermia..
Cheers @Waynowski . Yes I've tramped a lot around there and know well the dear sandflies. In fact, I've got a noseeeum net bag which I eat lunch inside, it goes entirely over me to the waist. Mum made it for me ;) I'm good with kayaking, yesterday I did 22km on the coast just north of Dunedin, 30 is about my limit on a good day.
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There is a nice waterway between Manapori and Teanau. It was used in the barrel scene in the Hobbit
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dont go near the lake te anau control gates, its a very dangerous place on the water. i know you're probably not going to. but i'm just putting it out there publicly for health and safety reasons..
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My memory is that Manapouri has a lot more camping spots - lots of beautiful white sand beaches. The south side including all the little coves along to Hope Arm. Fairy Bay on the other side of South Arm. South Arm is steep sided but there’s camping at the head (and a shelter too I think) Pretty detailed aerial imagery here:,167.50981137,z16.9856 Te Anau is much more limited with steep sides going straight into the lake. Camping and a hut at the head of most arms though. Have a look at the aerial imagery and you should be able to spot potential camping spots. Middle of winter and frozen beaches keeps the sandflies quieter. Manapouri can be surreal in the middle of winter when it’s calm and covered in thick fog. Good echoes off the cliffs in a few spots.
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@Ian_H wow those maps from linz are great. I didn't know about them, they're much better than anything I've seen online. Cheers
The same LINZ imagery but you can fly around in it in 3D,167.8631460,444.0049712,-30.5416892,-118.3012801,204.2917075,normal Extraordinary how you can get detailed visuals of just about anywhere like this now, I remember in the 80's and 90's trying to get info about whether particular bays on Stewart Island had possible landing and camping or not, reasonably critical when you're paddling a long stretch of open coast and arriving late at what you hope is a landing and camp sight. Now you can quickly establish: [Seal Creek](,167.8647957,336.1229556,-14.5575054,-73.7310175,48.6123022,normal) - nothing but rocks and cliffs, stream goes off a waterfall into the ocean. [Three Legged Woodhen](,167.5878277,289.3121978,-20.0000000,61.1491395,13.1132007,normal) - Nice little sheltered beach with good camping.
I've spent 3 1/2 days, 3 nights kayaking and camping on Lake Manapouri after doing a 2 night guided trip on Doubtful Sound, and would certainly recommend it. There's literally heaps of spots around Hope Arm, and it's also nice stroll up the Monument from one of those beaches. On the Northern side Calm Bay too is another good spot. We didn't get that far but the ends of North and West Arm have opportunities too, but need settled weather, as it can certainly get up on the Lake. In inclement weather there are also huts too, Hope Arm Hut is usually quiet.
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if you're eyeing up Shallow bay hut, it doesnt keep the mozzies and sandflies out at all....
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Started by James the Giant
On 30 March 2021
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