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Fri night I dislocated my elbow at Woolshed Creek hut. A mate (ex army medic) tried to relocate it but wasn't able to. We had a PLB and in this situation (not life or limb threatening, warden in residence, not far to walk to get cellphone reception, 4wd track to hut) did not even consider activating it. But it's got me thinking about PLB activation decision making. Sometimes it seems clear - potentially life threatening (eg breathing difficulty, low BP from an injury, suspected pelvic or femur fracture, unconscious) - potentially limb threatening (eg limb fracture or dislocation with numbness or pale/cold or loss of pulse beyond the injury. In that situation I would think even if alternative evac method was possible, time could be critical for saving the limb and activation would be reasonable) - if no chance of being able to self rescue. although if in a group, this might not be black & white - what if other rescue would mean the rest of the group assisting the injured person out over many hours or days, how long is too long? What if you're not sure if it will be possible or not? It might depend on the severity of the injury/illness and the terrain. How do you predict whether attempting self rescue is going to significantly worsen their condition / the injury? Then there's kids - my threshold for pushing the button would be way lower if it were one of my kids injured and in pain. And I have no idea about the logistics of helicopter flights eg at night, weather restrictions?? I know they prefer early activation rather than waiting for the end of the day. Interested in anyone's thoughts, or experiences when they have or have not activated their PLB. Thanks
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given nz's bad weather , and the potential for an injury to manifest into shock which increases the risk of hypothermia amongst other issues.... SARNZ err on the side of caution with injuries at least...
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izogi, thank you - I had 2 windows open and copied the wrong one (dumb*rse!) edited above to this link :
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