Does MSR still sell the Groundhod tent pegs in NZ?

A while ago I bought some MSR Groundhog tent pegs. I was looking at buying some more but no one seems to sell them in NZ anymore. Have they discontinued this product? If so what are some good pegs similar to the groundhogs?
I doubt they’ve been discontinued, they’ve been popular for a very very long time. More likely is that there are supply chain and distribution issues due to the pandemic. Any y or v stakes will have similarly excellent holding power, but knock offs I’ve tried have been inferior in terms of bending when being pounded into hard ground. But, reviews of locally available products should tell you pretty quickly how durable the alternatives are.
As far as I know Ampro is still the NZ agent for MSR. Best bet would be to contact them and ask.

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Started by isawatreeonce
On 7 February 2021
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