Multi day pack - some guidance

So far I've only done day trips or overnight tramps, but after joining the local tramping club I am looking for a high quality multi day tramping pack. Currently I've got a cheap 75 liter pack from TradeMe that does the job, but is not comfortable at all. I've been Googling for a while now, but am still not sure what the best pack would be. Some requirements I have: - I want to buy local, not via e.g. Amazon - It has to be comfortable - It should have enough space for trips up to 4 nights - I won't be doing mountaineering, just summer tramping trips. - No separate day pack required. - Budget $200-400 So, I think a 60-70L pack should be good. I currently have a MacPac day pack and really like the brand, but I have read some bad reviews about them. I do like their Cascade and Torlesse Packs; I guess the Cascade is better quality because of the AzTec. Otherwise, I like the Osprey packs in general but they are slightly more expensive. E.g. the Aether 65L seems a good option. Or should I go for a Deuter, e.g. the Deuter Aircontact 55+10L seems a good option. I don't hear good stories about Kathmandu or Torpedo7 packs so I guess it's safe to assume I should not go for these? They are much cheaper. Some guidance would be appreciated as I want to buy a pack that will last for years and will make my tramps enjoyable.
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Never saw Aarn packs before, but we used to strap the daypacks on our travel packs (Macpac Gemini/First Light etc) to the front shoulder straps. This was going back to the 80's Of course when you are travelling you tend to overload your pack so needed every bit of help keeping upright.
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Started by boland
On 4 February 2021
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