Parking in St Arnaud

Does anyone know how safe it is to park for an overnight tramp in St Arnaud (say Kerrs Bay) or if there is anywhere safe nearby? Naturally keen to avoid break-ins where possible and I have heard about a couple of bad experiences in the area. Thanks!
Old dunga station wagon on half bald tyres glovebox open and nothing in the back and the thieves will move to the next car every time. If there is naught to steal they wont steal it
Except the ratbags who like breaking into older cars for joyrides, and dump them in next town where you can smell the burning oil.
At carparks in California's Big Sur wilderness (Ventana), I used to leave nothing of value plus leave the doors unlocked. I figured it was better to have them rummage unhindered rather than return to a broken window with the same outcome for the would-be thieves. I haven't had any trouble at St. Arnaud either along Mt. Robert Road or at Kerr's Bay. Kerr's Bay is busy enough in summer to discourage much mischief. We all probably can cite a break-in, but I had a bummer of one at Hackett picnic area carpark in the Richmond Ranges over a 2019 Christmas tramp. I shoulda known better. At least they didn't take my South Island Topo50 maps as I had packed them all in the boot for 3 weeks of tramping!
As other said, make it visible you have nothing worthwhile stealing - and sure even leave the doors unlocked if they want to have a look. If your car itself looks worth stealing (shit cars do well here!) then you might be able to park somewhere reasonably public in the village and hitch up to the trail head (or even walk). There are hundreds of day walkers and I’ve always hitch to the Nelson lakes from Nelson with no trouble. Being on the edge of a dead end road to a trail head nearly guarantees a lift from one of the first cars.
I have left a car at Kerr Bay for the better part of a week and had no dramas. Admittedly that was 15 years ago now. (Man that makes me feel old...)
15 years ago. Ill raise that Probably 1982 I left my car in the catchpool carpark Wainuiomata and the soon to be wife left her wallet in the glovebox and the window open. Only thing that happened was that it rained. She was learning her lesson all the way home
seldom a problem, unlikely in summer with so many about and people camping by the lake..

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On 27 January 2021
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