Tararuas - Smith Creek to Puffer Saddle

Hi I’m seeking some updated advice for a day walk with family in the weekend. It’s some time since I’ve done the loop from Kaitoke to the old Dobsons hut site, down to Smith Creek shelter and out via Puffer Saddle. From vague recollection it used to take about 4 hours, but there was a significant slip just past the shelter that extended the walk by another hour or so. Has anyone been in there recently and can advise if this is still the situation? Cheers
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Just looked at the map. Discus is correct. The map shows a Blue Slip near the mouth of Blue Stream which is halfway from Smiths to Tutawhai. The slip I described isnt shown so would appear to be unnamed
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Started by jcmck
On 6 January 2021
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