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On my holiday to NZ (from AUst) I would like to bring my tent with me. The tent has been set up in many places here in Australia and I am sure it would contain a fair amount of dirt, grass, bugs etc residue from all the trips I've done. Ive never travelled overseas before, so I don't know if this will be a problem when I try to bring it through the air port?? I've heard that they wash your shoes at the air port, but what about items like tents? Cheers, David.
Sounds like you should really get that cleaned before you come here. NZ MaF and Customs officials can be really anal when it comes to dirt and stuff on equipment... especially if its like you say with grass and bugs(!) still on it. If its too bad then they may confiscate it or fine you... or both!
Yes you must CLEAN EVERYTHING I live in Brisbane and each time i go to Christchurch Customs go through everything with a fine tooth comb.IT seems to be Boots,Poles and Tents that cause problems
yes clean it well, inside and out. If there is velcro make sure any grass seeds, bugs, dirt etc are removed from among the hooks. When I travelled to Mongolia I took a spare toothbrush with me to clean everything before coming back. Coming back from overseas with the army we had to spend hours picking all the seeds out of the velcro fasteners on the surgical tents.
On a similar topic, and maybe a question for people like lgwaddel, what's it like taking gear into Australia? I'm presuming that I'll probably be fine if I treat everything as if I'm heading into New Zealand, but is there anything particularly different that's worth knowing about that Australia cares about?
izogi this a good qusstion i only fly into brisbane and they dont seem to care at all.I fill out the card in the plane and say what i have got,customs x ray my pack and off i go Australia has every nasty thing known to man so NZ cant make it any worse,but to be on the safe side clean everything like your going to NZ. Now that i have said this i will get checked next time
As a guy at my work says... "Australia: if it moves it bites you, if it doesnt move poke it with a stick and then it will bite you". And yet for some reason they dont want our apples...
I dont poke things and i watch where i put my fingers as i had a run in with a Red Back Spider about 10 years ago,they love garage doors. I opened it one day my fingers went inside the lip of the door and pain and two red spots of blood,later that day i started sweating heaps and threw up several times and a severe head,my neighbour took me to hospital,The nurse took one look at me and said what bit you i said a red back so i spent 3 days in ICU as i am an asthmatic and that went pear shaped as well. So i dont POKE things and watch where my fingers go Australia is a great place
I just read this on NZ Herald
I brought my tent from Germany, they asked me at customs where I used it and then checked it through. I was able to pick it up half an hour later on the other side (in an untidy heap). I'm pretty sure it was quiet clean, though I forgot to check it at home. But it really depends who you get in customs. They took one look at my hiking boots and declared them as clean. Others had cleaned their boots in advance and had to take them off. as for the spider, that is nasty. It's already hard to keep stuff like possum, weasel and stoat in reduced numbers, but a tiny spider? Suddenly I'm scared to go camping in Otago...
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