Milford track from the 1/05/2021

Hi guys, Just wondering if the borders between Aus and NZ would be open I would love to do the milford track. Now,I checked already the website and as usual everything it's fully booked for the tramping season till end of april. Question is how does it work to do it in may? Do you still need to book huts ? My team is quiet expert and we have beacon, axes and helmets just in case things get harder. Anyone in the group ever did the Milford in may and or out of season ? Suggestions and advises are super welcome as always.
Sometime after the season closes they remove bridges that are in streams prone to avalanche damage. If you can hit the track after it closes but before the bridges are removed you should be fine but some of those streams have a death tally once the bridges are gone. With any luck everything will be open again by summer 21
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Oh yes the bridges...I forgot about that.
check with DOC, i think the bridges are removed about a month after the bookings end... in heavy rain its suicide without the bridges. a lot of the track gets subject to avalanches once the snow builds up in winter.
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the bridges that are removed are bridges over side streams... someone drowned a few years ago trying to cross a side stream that had the bridge was removed on... the side stream might look crossable, BUT,, if you get swept off your feet and down the stream, its a very short trip into the main river, and the main river in flood is the one that is highly likely to drown you. once you're in there your chances of survival diminish greatly... the speed and force of the water make it extremely hard to get out and turbulence in the river could easily pull you under... there was a programme on tv here where some adventurers were going down the Buller river on a calm low flow day... but its deep and one got sucked into an undercurrent that held him down for a while and nearly drowned him
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Started by giuseppe23
On 4 January 2021
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