Hobbs Bivvy North Route Burn

HI Wondering if anyone has some accurate info on how to find this Bivvy as the Moirs guide is pretty vague,saying that the bivvy is a couple hundred meters from the river on the TR where the track peters out. If someone has a grid reference or some directions that would be awesome. Cheers
For some reason I've got it marked on my Freshmap. My notes say it is 200m from the river beside a small stream that sometimes dries up. That would make it at the 860m contour line east of Pt1807. Can't access the up to date version of Freshmap on the other PC right now but the old GR is NZMG: E2130244, N5602028 Just in case you have the older map or software. Hope this helps. Sometime I'd like to get up to L. Nerine and go out via North Col...
Thats exactly the kinda of info I am after,thanks Honora
https://tramper.nz/?view=mapbrowse&ll=-44.692226,168.209801&z=15&id=16497 I've stayed at it a couple of times. Put the map into satellite mode, the pin is right on top of the boulder. http://www.topomap.co.nz/NZTopoMap?v=2&ll=-44.690502,168.206391&z=15&pin=1
>Sometime I'd like to get up to L. Nerine and go out via North Col… Just got back from a solo trip through there, up to North Col, around to Lake Nerine, Park Pass then out via Rockburn-Sugarloaf Pass. Pictures here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B165oqs3qIetD0a The bivy rock in the lower valley is pretty obvious and has a cairn on top. If you're going further up, avoid the scrub covered boulder field on the true left above the bivi rock, better to cross to the true right at the bivy rock I think. There's another bivi rock just over a km below the col, visible in the second picture behind the green tent. (Which would indicate I preferred to put up the tent than stay under the rock). Location under the pin: http://www.topomap.co.nz/NZTopoMap?v=2&ll=-44.656352,168.194718&z=15&pin=1 Quite a low snow winter, less snow than normal around, but I still needed an ice axe just below North Col. Oh, and by the way, keep an eye out for my little kovea titanium stove in a small grey pouch, think it must have fallen out at a stop in the lower valley!
@Ian_H you didn't happen to come out on Thursday, did you? 2pm Info & Track shuttle?
Yes, that was me. I’m trying to place you, I’m guessing not the big guy I was sitting next to.
haha yes, that was me. Just been to Lake Unknown. I left the Rock Burn bivvy at 610 that morning and got to the shelter at like 2pm, 5 minutes before the damn bus arrived! Didnt get a chance to jump in the river to cool down! Small world!
Yes, we nearly met high on the Park Pass Glacier. My plan was to spend Tuesday night on Park Pass, then do a day trip as high as I could manage on the Park Pass glacier on Wednesday before spending the night at the upper Rockburn bivvi, then out on Thursday. When I got to Park Pass cloud started to stream through and the wind was building at altitude so I took the lazy option and headed down to the rock bivvi for the night, then camped Wednesday night in the lower Rockburn so I did get out in time for a swim in the Routeburn before I got on the bus.

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Started by Yulzman
On 17 December 2020
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