FS: Various Tents for Sale

I'm definitely a tentaholic and these must go, it's embarrassing how many unused tents I have so have priced them at giveaway prices. Can be picked up in Titahi Bay Wellington or shipped if need be. Exped Orion II 2 person true four season in as new condition (never used) - $100 (12.50 to ship to non rural addresses) Tarptent Bowfin 1 - used for two night's - $125 ($10 to ship to non rural addresses Naturehike Mongar 2 person, brand new, never used and only setup on the lawn once (MSR Hubba Huba NX clone) $100 ($10 to ship to non rural addresses
Sent you a message. Can you also tell us what year the Bowfin is from? There’s been a few versions of it.
The Bowfin was purchased in Dec 2017.
Heya, does your Exped happen to still be available by chance? cheers.
Hi, Are any of these still available? thanks :)

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Started by rp1790
On 16 December 2020
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