Beans Burn

Hi all, I am after some accurate times for heading into the Beans Burn? I have only made it to the first flat before by way of jet boat a few years ago now. In Moir's it says 5 hours from The Lake Sylvan carpark to the mouth then another 6-7 to Split apple Bivvy. I move at a fairly decent clip and looking at the Topo I just can't see how these times can be realistic.Do these times allow for picnics and after lunch time naps? Moir's also says the Beans track is marked well right up to the big flat at the head of the valley however only the first section of track is marked on Topo. In my mind I would be thinking 2.5hr to the confluence and then 4hr from there,who's with me on this? Cheers Yulzman
Yes, the times are about right, and yes, the Beans Burn is tracked all the way up to the top flats. However, its no Great Walk track. Its very indistinct in places and poorly marked. Coming downriver form the Split Rock a couple of years ago I took about an hour to locate the start of it amoungst the scrub belt.
Yulzman,are you thinking of getting to the rock biv from Lake Sylvan carpark in a day? If you did it 6.5 hrs you'd be a record setter. The plod up the Dart after the Rockburn seems to take ages,then you've got to get across the Beans Burn safely as the track is on the true left. The up valley track is marked but is no walk in the park,so to speak. Its a lovely valley though,we've done the 5 passes in both directions.Coming down the Beans Burn was a great way to finish,and we hitched a lift on the Dart jetboat down to the Rockburn as well.
I came down from Fohn Lakes to Lake Sylvian Carpark in a long day several years ago. Was approx 12 hours from memory — then had to run back to Routeburn carpark to get the ute. Walking was pretty easy in general and I do not remember any problems with finding the track or crossing the Beans Burn — though it was early January and a pretty dry season. I seem to recall some minor frustration battling the bush along the edge of the Dart immediately down from the Beans Burn confluence but we picked up some good trails fairly quickly from memory. So, yes it is doable to the Bivvy in a day but it will be a solid one.
Great replies team!! Geoffnet,no I would aim to walk in to the first flat late arvo evening and then chew off the next section to split Rock the next morning. Sounds like a good slog alright ,good to know times are pretty reliable. Could be a trip I do when I have 5 days up my sleeve as opposed to the 3 I have coming up. Cheers
Took us 4hrs from Sylvan carpark to the mouth of the Beans Burn and roughly 6 hrs up to Split Rock biv. Check out my trip report here: There's deer trails and traplines along most of the Dart so it's not too bad from memory, although it's definitely slower going than if it was river flats the whole way.
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Started by Yulzman
On 7 December 2020
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