NZ National Parks in 3D

Worth a look: Any other sites that do similar? This seems a step up in quality to the 3D views on google earth.
looks terrible when I open it. are you using a 3D card?
Didn’t check all the maps as was at work but Stewart Island looked fine while Nelson Lakes was unrecognisable.
>looks terrible when I open it. are you using a 3D card? No, MacBook Air, mid 2020, Chrome or Safari. It's working hard, fan starts up. Goes quicker and smoother on the iPhone SE. Picture from this area: (Mt Aspiring, Bonar Glacier and the head of the West Maukitukituki, Waipara, Waiototo and Kitchener Rivers) Some areas seem to have poorer data/resolution but by and large it's remarkable the resolution and ability to fly around in these parts.
yeah aspiring is the only one that looks ok.
I'm not familiar with GIS at this level, but glancing at the source code it seems to be some bootstrapping together some code by the same author called Procedural GL JS (see ) and pointing it at a set of base maps from the LINZ website under , although at LINZ it's all shown in 2D.
Yes, the imagery is from the Linz base maps, the snow patches match up exactly, he's combined these with publicly available 3D topographic information to create the 3D images. The 3D LINZ maps at 30 cm resolution are also a great resource to look into an area alongside the topo maps. Of course you can just about always find a stunning picture of just about anywhere in the Otago mountains by typing <feature name> Hegg into Google. When I have a look at areas I've been into in the '80s but not since, I'm struck by the extraordinary loss of permanent snow cover over that time.
Quite right Ian,Danilo Hegg has some great photos on there. Also check out Nina Dickerhofs website,equally stunning and she gets out a lot more,heaps of great trips/climbs.
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Started by Ian_H
On 3 December 2020
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