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"A backcountry expert is calling for a fundamental rethink at the Department of Conservation - away from a focus overseas visitors, towards better serving growing numbers of New Zealanders getting into outdoor recreation. Peter Wilson is on the board of the Back Country Trust, a former President and current board member of Federated Mountain Clubs, on the board of the Awakino Ski Field and a life member of the Otago University Tramping Club. He says it's great that increasing numbers of New Zealanders are out exploring their own backyard, but the Conservation Department needs to change its focus accordingly. Peter talks with Kathryn, along with Department of Conservation Director of Heritage and Visitors Steve Taylor, and Dr Stephen Espiner, who is leading a Lincoln University study into how lockdown has affected New Zealanders' outdoor recreation and domestic tourism." Well worth a listen. Peter Wilson is especially good.
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struggling to replace burnt down huts unless they have been occupied seven days a week...
Yeah, and it's because of the Treasury imposed accounting practice. If they can be catagorised as a Heritage asset, then different accounting rules apply. Bedsteads !.
gone are the days when galvanised iron wrapped over a wooden framework was enough for a new hut.... they cost hundreds of thousands now, heavily insulated, sometimes double glazing... fewer huts, more people trying to use them..
Maybe they should think shelters instead of huts. They are considered sheds in the building act. The building act doesnt transfer well to huts. Orange Hut in Akatarawa Forest is accessible by 4wd and required paraplegic access. Waiopeahu is fully double glazed but as it has no heating and now the sun cant get in its never very warm. First time I was there my stove froze to the bench. Dinner eaten with a balaclava on. Second time it was a lot warmer it had climbed to 2 degrees. Shelters can still be tin boxes which in less used well sheltered areas is all thats required
shelters is what they do on the Appalachian trail. first come, first serve, then you tent.
That's interesting about the double glazing preventing warming when there's not much sunshine. I visited the brand new Casey Hut in September this year and it was warmer outside when we arrived. Next time, being early summer it was lovely and cosy on arrival.
You certainly see the same effect from double glazing in new houses. If I walk in to our house in the afternoon it is always much cooler than outside (and not just what you would expect from going from direct sunlight to "shade").
We're putting in four bunk huts based around large water tanks for about $10 000 each down here. That's materials cost, not including labour. I think they got the helicopter time at cost/ some free, so you might add $1000 to $2000 if paying full cost of helicopter installation. More than an order of magnitude lower cost per bunk than anything DOC could put in, even if you figure labour costs would equal materials cost so double the installed price if you don't have volunteer labour. I'm curious if/where/how this concept could fit into the conservation estate? Comment from Eric was he was much happier/it was much easier doing this on private land, dealing with landowners and RMA and the like, dealing with doing something similar on DOC /conservation estate would have been next to impossible with bureaucratic barriers.
I read a report on stuff about those. The letters to the editor were mostly bellyaching about the use of plastic and any leaching of microplastics. They questioned why timber wasnt used. Some people dont have a clue. The old huts were painted in lead paint which was the real reason most were orange. Even tanalised timber doesnt last where those Turks were put and then there is the issue of the heavy metals leached from the wood. As for microplastics yes there will be some but I bet that after its 50 year life there will be more polyester fibers in the ground from trampers fleeces than plastic from the turk. Maybe you could of kept more people happy if you said they were made from recycled milk bottles
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