Backcountry Navigator off-line topo maps

I've run off some up to date 'atlases' for the Backcountry Navigator app - if anyone is interested. These allow you complete NZ coverage of topomaps and WAMS-style access maps when not in coverage. They have current topo's and public access info as-of Nov 2020. They are available at: CI-PAL.sqlitedb SI-PAL.sqlitedb SI-Topo.sqlitedb NI-PAL.sqlitedb NI-Topo.sqlitedb You'll need to delete the space in those URL's - it's there to stop web crawlers automatically downloading them. They're big files (1-3 GB for NI/SI) NI = North Island SI = South Island CI = Chatham Islands Topo = Topo250 and Topo50 layers PAL = Public Access Land (like WAMS) over a topo50 map === Key to the Public Access Land (PAL) maps: - Dark Green: DOC land - Light Green: Council land - Yellow: Conservation covenants (most do NOT have public access) - Blue: LINZ riverbeds - Purple: Legal roads - Red dashes: DOC tracks - Red lines: DOC roads == To use them in Backcountry Navigator: - Save them to your phone - In the app: Layers -> Prebuilt Map -> Browse - And select the file you saved.
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Thanks madpom, it's great to get an up-to-date map of the entire SI for BCN. Couldn't have done it myself. If you have advice on linking the NZ Gazetteer to BCN, please let us know. BCN uses Google Location service which is a broad net! Cheers, hebe96

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Started by madpom
On 16 November 2020
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