Backcountry Navigator off-line topo maps

I've run off some up to date 'atlases' for the Backcountry Navigator app - if anyone is interested. These allow you complete NZ coverage of topomaps and WAMS-style access maps when not in coverage. They have current topo's and public access info as-of Nov 2020. They are available at: CI-PAL.sqlitedb SI-PAL.sqlitedb SI-Topo.sqlitedb NI-PAL.sqlitedb NI-Topo.sqlitedb You'll need to delete the space in those URL's - it's there to stop web crawlers automatically downloading them. They're big files (1-3 GB for NI/SI) NI = North Island SI = South Island CI = Chatham Islands Topo = Topo250 and Topo50 layers PAL = Public Access Land (like WAMS) over a topo50 map === Key to the Public Access Land (PAL) maps: - Dark Green: DOC land - Light Green: Council land - Yellow: Conservation covenants (most do NOT have public access) - Blue: LINZ riverbeds - Purple: Legal roads - Red dashes: DOC tracks - Red lines: DOC roads == To use them in Backcountry Navigator: - Save them to your phone - In the app: Layers -> Prebuilt Map -> Browse - And select the file you saved.
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Forum The campfire
Started by madpom
On 16 November 2020
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