Clothes for NZ sun?

Today was a scorcher and I loathe wearing sunscreen. I’ve been just wearing shorts and a short sleeve top in the heat but am getting more wary of protecting myself against UV exposure. Ideally without too much sunscreen. I’ve seen “sun shirts” popular with desert hikers in the US. Basically a loose fitting top with a UPF Rating of 25+ (many standard shirts are closer to UPF 5). Obviously all the Americans have American recommendations. What are the sun conscious among us using for protection?
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Poor wind proofing isn’t a negative attribute of anything that’s not an outer shell in a layering system. Whether it’s fleece or wool, I want layers (especially my mid layer) to be as breathable as possible, and I use a wind shell (which is just my rain jacket) if I need to “cap” the heat in or cut wind out. It helps you “dump” the sweat out a lot quicker and the layers don’t stay damp with sweat or precipitation. Also regulates heat a lot better. In cold weather I use a base layer top that basically looks like a fishnet top. Byrnje I think it’s called - used by the Finnish military. The holes mean it holds very little moisture, and when capped with a wind proof layer, the holes trap little pockets of Warm air (which is the principle behind all insulation), then if you’re over heating you zip down your wind proof layer and very quickly “dump” the heat out. But we’re off topic now.
Wow, Finnish military. They beat the Russians back in the day. How do you order your Byrnje base-layers?
I was living in the UK back then and from memory there was a UK dealer online (or I ordered direct from Brynje as shipping/taxes across the EU were always favourable). It doesn't look like there's a dealer here or in aus, so you'd probably end up paying stupid prices to import. Despite seemingly being a very effective design, at least to my experience, it hasn't caught on. Probably because it makes your friends/wife/husband/mum/boss think you're being a bit too open about your fetishes. So there don't seem to be many others using the same concept. Though the Macpac Nitro fleece top, and other "grid" fleece jumpers or "grid" baselayers are using a similar concept, just a little less revealing. The Macpac nitro works very well, and is a lot more socially acceptable - but it's very fragile, so won't work on any overgrown trails or off-trail travel. It's cut quite tight, so it would function reasonably similarly to a baselayer, though it's a bit looser on the torso than is ideal for proper wicking. I often use it to sleep in it because it's very comfortable next to skin.
I had seen the fish net style base layer on Army Outdoors a while ago. Was very cheap from memory and was Finnish Surplus. Just had a quick browse but doesn't seem to be sold anymore.
Ah would've been nice if there was a local supplier. I know there are a few companies around the world who have made them, but brynje is the only "name" one and it seems to be their specialty. I imagine they fetish-look is a hard sell for most companies.
1 deleted post from Pro-active Got it. Brynje / "Brin-ya". Traps heat but not moisture. Solid insets for wear points from backpacks. Rave reviews about the practicality & performance, but could be a little Freddie Mercury.
Indeed. I don't have the one with solid insets (no issues over a few years of use, but I only wear in cold weather). I really rate it. Might be the only piece of clothing that does exactly what I want and expect from it.
Still on Amazon if you can crack the translation of sizes ?. ""4-6 times warmer than any solid knit by weight. Better moisture transport"" Can remember wearing 'holey singlets' in Winter as a kid, but not as outerwear in summer 'cos of the sun burn factor.
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