Crossing Dart at Daleys Flat?

I understand the bridge across the Dart was destroyed during the floods beginning of this year, assume it hasn't, won't be replaced for this summer? Does anyone have an idea how easy it is to cross the Dart at or above Daleys Flat? Aim would be to head up [the ridge that leads up to Seal Col](,168.381658&z=15&pin=1).
straight forward crossing at the hut, as long as there hasnt been much rain. if you havent seen it i've got photos.
Thanks Waynowski, yeah, I looked through a few images that came up on google and it didn't look too bad opposite the hut, but sometimes photos without someone in or by the river for scale can be deceptive. I guess that means a bit more of a boulder hop/bush bash up the far side before being able to climb that ridge, but it sounds like I can keep that trip in the missions list for this summer.
Walked the Rees-Dart in March 2022 and noted a brand new suspension bridge about 400m north of Daley’s Flat hut. It doesn’t connect (yet?) to a track o the true right of the river, but does offer access to the ranges west of the Dart river.

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Started by Ian_H
On 12 November 2020
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