Emergency shelters?

Kia Ora. I’ve returned to Aotearoa after living overseas for a few years. I did most of my tramping in the Scottish highlands or the alps and Pyrenees. The highlands present similar-ish challenges to NZ weather - very changeable, windier (due to lack of forest), and generally pretty wet. It doesn’t get as hot so the changes in weather are maybe not as dramatic. And the mountains aren’t as high so maybe a little less turbulent - though the exposure can make 200m elevation feel like 2000m. Anyway, I generally tramp with a tent or a pyramid tarp, when I don’t need protection from sandflies. But it’d be nice to take advantage of the hut system here. What do people use for a lightweight emergency shelter when doing tramps using the huts? I see some bivvy bags are as heavy as my pyramid tarp and certainly less comfortable. The pyramid tarp is capable of handling some brutal wind and isn’t a problem in the rain. It’s also potentially safer as poorly breathing bivy bags soak you in condensation which cools you down and renders your insulation layers less effective. But of course, a pyramid requires one to pitch it (which might be difficult in a genuine emergency) and requires more flat ground than a simple bivvy bag. So maybe it’s not a suitable emergency shelter. What do you guys carry? What are your considerations for emergency shelter?
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Yeah. The high flys are why some aren’t great in exposured weather. But many also have designs which allow the fly to pitch low or high easily. Again, if one wants to compare with a tarp you can simply open a door. You’re generally no more exposed than most tarp pitches with pretty comparable air flow. Tarps are a nightmare in sandfly country. I’ve had such a quantity of sandflies converge at the point the fly met the mesh, that the pressure forced some through the tiny “midge proof” holes one night in the Nelson lakes!
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Started by dreambroom
On 7 November 2020
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