Pack (home-made and lightweight)

I've abandoned commercial packs as they are expensive (rip-offs) and unnecessarily heavy for most of my needs Day trips or 2-3 night so far. I'm 67 now and acknowledge weight-saving as a great benefit. Instead I have created two "NZ-made" packs using woven polyethylene? bags used for 15kg chicken feed (nicely illustrated) and 40kg English brewing malt which I found lying around. I line them with a rubbish bag. They are very tough. I use the old triangular attachment "bush pack" method of tying the straps with a stone in the inside bottom corners then tying-off the top. I use Mitre 10 poly 8mm rope inside a sleeve of soft plastic potable-water pipe which is then thread through some waterpipe insulation. If haven't had any discomfort or other serious issues. The hip belt is the same and I allow a bit of slack so that the lower portion of the pack is supported by it. It allows a ventilation gap for my sweaty back. I shove either a 3/4 or 1/4 length folded close-cell mat down the back for comfort. If you can handle the cruel jibes then it's great and (topical.) Weight? Under 500gms for the big 'un and 300 gms for the tiddler I estimate.
Maori used to carry food and implements in a Pikau which was usually made from flax and could be carried by hand or on a person’s back. These days the word has progressed to mean carry, as well as carry bag, hence the term to Pikau a pig or deer carcass. Our Ridgeline Pikau has an external zip pocket, has padded shoulder straps and is manufactured from durable bonded fleece that doesn’t make a sound in thick bush. Complements our Rata bumbag nicely if you plan a day trip onto the open tops where all the gear is needed. Couple of stones in each bottom corner would give you tie-off knobs for your ropes. Nice one, Longtrack !.
I was so impressed when I saw your pikau, Longtack. You sent me photos but I couldn't figure how you'd done it very well. Looking forward to reacquainting myself with the pack sometime. With my sandal bags on the front of your shoulder straps, that pikau would be even more awesome.

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Started by Longtack
On 5 November 2020
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