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Heya - just wanted to share my experience of using a facebook group over this site has proven far more useful and just has alot more activity in general. My experience here has been very similiar to others with a few dominant views and one person in particular who seems to spend far more time on here than in the wilderness, with a strongly opinionated and clearly dated mentality. Anyhow, for anyone who is looking for more interactive and varied content, here is the link No disrespect to the creator this this site, I still log in and check things monthly or so, but it is what it is. Hope to see some of you out there.
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I too like to take my kids to the casino. Just like the old saying goes - you're never too young to start on the slots.
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That should be tracks
@dodgydave: Oh, forgot to mention that we were able to travel all the way along the ridge to the summit of Tarahaka back then but perhaps with the Kaikoura earthquakes, things have changed.
Thanks @Honora. Yes, good point . The earthquake could certainly have changed things. It is crazy looking at the map of the Hapuku and now seeing the lake below Stace Saddle — so different to 20 years ago when I was there! Just found this You are playing a starring role! Same trip?
@dodgydave: yup, that was the trip. Frank wrote that. As you can see he is a much better writer. He puts more effort into his craft, that's for sure.
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Unfortunately that FB page clogs up my old laptop so it doesn't work for me at all.
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Started by jmeyer
On 31 October 2020
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